How to use ChatGPT in business

ChatGPT took social media and public imagination by the storm. What implications does it have for businesses?

How to use ChatGPT in business

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What will be the impact of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is the latest conversational AI model released by OpenAI. It is very capable at following human conversations and completing tasks such as writing short fiction, making elaborate arguments or composing realistic-sounding descriptions.

Given its very broad capabilities, it is easy to wonder what impact models like ChatGPT may have on the lives of millions around the world. What are the usual paths from impressive demos to real-world applications? How can such general-purpose and powerful technology be used by businesses?

How can ChatGPT be used by businesses today?

ChatGPT for sales & marketing

ChatGPT can be used to generate compeling content for blogs, social media, presentations or emails. We’re all aware of the problem of the blank page and that technology can deliver a sold first draft for virtually any piece of writing. That improves speed but also frees copywriters' time to focus on the more important and creative task of polishing the almost-ready material.

ChatGPT for brainstorming and solving problems

Who wouldn’t appreciate an intelligent brainstorming partner who is always willing to discuss your ideas and suggest some new ones? Many examples have been shared on social media of ChatGPT being of help when debugging code or solving math problems.

ChatGPT for learning and as a reference

Based on the above, ChatGPT could be considered a valuable resource for learning. While it is true, it is important to remember that a model like that may make mistakes or confidently state false claims.

ChatGPT for customer support

ChatGPT could definitely be used as a conversation partner who would often amaze us with its eloquence. The conversation, however, wouldn’t have any specific context and answers to questions would be drawn from general world knowledge. Therefore, they would lack the specific information needed to be useful as a customer support agent or as conversational interface to any specific products, devices or processes.

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Customizing models like ChatGPT for your business

How to customize a powerful model like ChatGPT so that it can be used and generate value for your business? At Quickchat AI, we’ve become experts at exactly that over the past few years. Let me explain how we do it in 3 steps:

1) Personality

The way models like ChatGPT talk is generic and general-purpose. Quickchat AI allows you to customize conversation style to reflect your particular use case, product or your company’s branding. Your AI may be a patient and eloquent teacher, a creative tour guide or a strict and concise subject matter expert.

2) Knowledge Base

A model like ChatGPT knows a lot about the world but it might know nothing about your company or your product. You might want it to be an expert on a particular legal act or memorize specifications of all the products in your warehouse.

3) Integrations

Finally, a truly useful AI Assistant will be able to flexibly and in real time draw data and capture events from external source and execute on what happens during conversation (for example, by writing to an internal CRM or database).

Our customers (including Robotics companies, law firms, startups and large organisations) implement Quickchat AI as a conversational interface to their products or as an AI Expert system to operate internally or externally. If you would like to discuss how our technology could be implemented for your use case, please get in touch.

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