TOP 10 GPT-3-Powered Apps You Need To Know In 2021

List of TOP 10 apps powered by GPT-3 language model, curated by Quickchat.

GPT…What? 🤔

In case you are asking yourself this question, ask no more. GPT-3, or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3, is a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm released by OpenAI, a San Francisco based company at the frontier of AI R&D in 2020. It is a 175 billion parameter language model capable of tackling a variety of tasks with stunningly good results, taking us one important step closer to a safe Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a mission OpenAI set out for. GPT-3 became a media craze, even more so when OpenAI decided to give selected developers access to build with the model via its OpenAI API.

The Next Generation of Coolest AI Apps 🚀

Nine months since the launch of OpenAI API, there are tens of thousands of developers who got access to GPT-3, building over 300 applications that deliver GPT-3–powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features.

We are excited to see GPT-3 taking the market by storm. The OpenAI API community has already given birth to incredibly cool startups across many industries, including productivity, marketing, creativity, games, and more. Below we cherry picked our very subjective TOP 10 apps powered by GPT-3 that are pushing the boundaries of innovation + can make your life more fun in 2021.

#10 CopyAI

CopyAI assists copywriters in creating fabulous marketing copy faster with automated creativity tools for the most common communication channels like social media, product descriptions, and website copy.

CopyAI - image

Here is the platform that makes the copywriters and marketers sigh with relief. A perfect companion to bounce ideas off of, and even run wild for a little while, so that you can choose and curate the best pieces it created by itself. CopyAI has a crazy good array of writing tools for all occasions that help not only with the most common marketing copy generation, but also let you brainstorm viral ideas, write sophisticated emails, create Clubhouse bios and what have you. Tried it, love it, and can recommend it.

#9 Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot is a GPT-3-powered tool for creating cold emails that are personalized for each lead.

Magic Sales Bot - image

You can probably agree that the cold, salesy emails are possibly the toughest cookie to crack, especially when you are not a born salesman. We know how difficult it is to write perfectly rounded, juicy paragraphs without sounding like a corny TV commercial from the 90s. This is why we are particularly excited about this Magic Sales Bot assistant focused on helping you write the sales emails that actually convert.

#8 SnazzyAI

SnazzyAI is another tool that uses GPT-3 to help marketers with copywriting by creating content workflow in minutes.

SnazzyAI - image

An interesting alternative to CopyAI, Snazzy has an extensive collection of templates for everything from pitch and sales emails, product descriptions, website copy, to ads and brand taglines. You can even brainstorm with it your TikTok video ideas! One of its tools we really like is Remix, creating limitless variation of a chosen piece of content until you reach that perfect version. We appreciate it especially for its simple, clean UI and generous freemium version that lets you thoroughly test it.

#7 Shortly

Shortly created GPT-3-powered AI creative writing assistant to boost writer’s creativity and overcome the fear of the blank page.

Shortly - image

Amazingly, AI is now able to solve the problem that human writers have struggled with for ages: the infamous writer’s block. Having been trained on thousands of texts of different style and purpose, GPT-3 is a natural assistant for writers. Shortly is a GPT-3-powered app that acts as your sparring partner helping you get these creative juices flowing. Articles, blog posts, fiction. Your pick. The assistant will continue writing the story you have started, paragraph by paragraph, generating new creative ideas and story developments.

#6 Writesonic

An assistant that helps to generate high-performing ads, blogs, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. Writesonic has trained GPT-3 on marketing copy from top brands, so it knows how to write something that truly resonates.

Writesonic - image

Writesonic is already a third copywriting tool on our list. Just giving you an idea of how good GPT-3 performs in the marketing department. We chose to highlight Writesonic because of its array of writing tools, like sentence expander, readability checker, analogy generator… the list is growing! Also, a big shoutout for availability in 24 languages.

#5 Pages by Headlime

Headlime’s Pages is a landing page builder that helps to create custom landing pages with no writing, designing or coding required.

Pages by Headlime - image

This is the first-ever landing page builder that writes a copy, designs websites and exports HTML & TailwindCSS code using only natural language commands. And all that thanks to GPT-3! The only thing you need to do is to explain what your product is about in a few simple words. Great option for makers on the designer freak spectrum, who are at the beginning of their product journey, yet want the website to look cute and polished from day 1.

#4 HelpHub

HelpHub is a platform that helps you easily create a site with help center, FAQ, and customer support info.

HelpHub - image

Creating a support documentation is a tedious and time consuming task, so this is a real time saver. HelpHub uses GPT-3 to create a customized help site that consists of articles answering all possible user questions and issues. All you need to do is to describe the key points to include and let their AI Article Writer come up with the actual article in seconds. Your users will be grateful. Also, they have a generous freemium, so go ahead and check it out for yourself.

#3 Grok

Grok is a GPT-3 powered assistant that simplifies Slack communication before it gets overwhelming.

Grok - image

If you are a Slack user, you probably know the stress of having to catch up with daily unread messages. Or the moment when you join a channel, and want to figure out what important stuff has been written until now. Or when you follow a few channels, but don’t really have capacity to read through them daily, yet don’t want to miss something important. Grok has a fix for all these! Using GPT-3, Grok helps to comprehend Slack, both as a form of a daily digest, and summaries generated once you join a new channel.

#2 OthersideAI

OthersideAI is on a mission to make you spend less time in your inbox and focus more on the enjoyable aspects of life. Their GPT-3-powered tools take in a simple summary of what you want to say and generate a well-crafted email in your unique, personal style.

OthersideAI - image

Fun facts. The average knowledge worker spends +2 hours each day reading and writing emails. Also, we write approximately 40 business emails per day. Email inbox is a key communication platform and you want to make sure your time spent writing emails is as optimized as possible. Currently in closed Alpha, we can’t wait to test OthersideAI’s writing assistant to level up our email game.

#1 Flowrite

Flowrite is a Helsinki-based startup on a mission to help people be more productive in their everyday lives. Their general purpose writing assistant app is designed for those whose work depends on effective communication. Currently in private beta.

Flowrite - image

Flowrite uses GPT-3 to turn your words into ready-to-send emails, messages, posts, etc. in your personal style. All it needs is a few bullet points and information on the desired text format.

Aaaand we reached our number one. Being among many other tools that harness the GPT-3 competence in writing, Flowrite’s super power is in creating an all-in-one tool that helps us upgrade the everyday communication. We see it as the most universal of the GPT-3 powered apps in 2021. Having a general writing assistant is a big win for every day productive flow and we are excited to use it for daily purposes. We also find their UX super clean and cute.

So… How Do You Like It? 🎨

It’s amazing to see so many cool app trends emerging from the GPT-3 developer’s community. We are all the more excited to follow it and see what else 2021 will bring to the market. Thanks for sticking around! Did you like our selection? Let us know if there was something particularly interesting to you, or if by chance we missed any awesome project!

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